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RoninMud Newsletter #3

Howdy everybody!!!! Yep, it's that time again. The 3rd edition of the RoninMUD newsletter has arrived on your computer door-step. We have some VERY exciting articles for you this time around (like we don't always). This edition features the long awaited "State of Ronin Address", info on the rank rank situation (your gonna be suprised), and another spectacular "Player Interview." So kick back, break out your comfy slippers and savor the moment.

Editor and Chief

The State of Ronin Address

It's been a little over a month since we officially came back online September 12th, 1997 at our new site. First of all we'd have never gotten up without the generous support of our players, and I personally give them thanks.

The first couple of weeks were certainly interesting. While trying to re-familiarize ourselves with the mud, we also had to handle numerous crashing problems caused by the operating system upgrade, make sure the majority of the players knew where we moved, and ensure the security of the mud. Once all of this was accomplished we were finally able to get back to the important thing. Namely making Ronin bigger and better.

In the last month, there have been a few improvements to Ronin. Most noticeable are perhaps the new death messages, but we can't forget other things like the new Bard Improvements, CON affecting regeneration, the newbie resting room, etc. We have also added a new Clan house, and a mortal quest board. Unfortunately, there hasn't been a new area, but with the arrival of the new creation site just days ago, areas won't be far behind. In fact, just to tantalize you, some of the new areas will include A Dark Tower, additions to the Crystal Tower, and a special area that was started almost 3 years ago - HELL!!!

Recently we've also been experiencing our share of network lag. We have tracked the problem and discovered it comes from a combination of problems between sprintlink and We have informed the sysadmin of telmaron about this and he requests traceroutes during the problem times. If you don't know what a traceroute is, don't worry about it. However if you do, please send me a copy of one. :P

On the positive side, in the last two weeks many old players have found their way back to us, and we are starting to see a bigger newbie presence. Again, Ronin is healthy and growing. The future looks bright.


Chaos Night

It has been a Ronin tradition to hold a large free for all pkilling contest every Halloween night. Well this year will be no exception! With the startup of our creation site, we can now go ahead and plan what Chaos will be like this year. Remember, this doesn't affect your characters on the regular mud.

Last year we found Chaos a little disappointing. Many of the players stayed in large groups till the end, or hid away in the far corners of the world, immediately teleporting when someone came near. As a result, we will be disabling the follow and group commands, as well as the teleport spell.

We also are going to set a few ground rules as follows

  • Cloning of equipment will not be permitted
  • Aggressive spells up to electric shock will be useable
  • Corpse looting is allowed and encouraged

As of yet, I don't have a time determined. However, it will be eveningish EST.

Once Chaos night starts, players will be able to log into the creation site. They will have roughly 10 minutes to sort out whatever gear they want on their solo character, and then another 2 minutes to find a place to hide. Once that done, the last one left alive wins - real simple.

The prize for this yearly quest is usually something real big, so why not join in the fun and see what you can win. You won't win if you don't play.


Player Profile #2
By: Nosferatu

This Issues Player: Thing a.k.a. Cyclone/Bonds/Reptile/Sleet

Question: 'Who are all your main chars here currently and in the past?'

Answer: 'Thing/Cyclone/Bonds/Reptile/Sleet'

Question: 'How and when did you get started on Ronin?'

Answer: 'Played on strikenet mud, they started changing things so I started looking for a new mud, found ronin..this was about 4 years ago'

Question: 'What kept you here?'

Answer: 'It is a lot of fun, and the Gods kick ass :); all the new and old areas, things are always changing'

Question: 'What was your gimpiest newbie moment?'

Answer: 'Hmm, attacking slaphoff 3 times at level 19 or so :P'

Question: 'What is your proudest mud accomplishment?'

Answer: 'Immorting thing with all my best gear :); took a whole summer solo...actually gave up on thing, he was a mu...immorted things a ninja and had poobah change his name :P'

Question: 'Was this your first MUD, and where else have you played?'

Answer: 'I played strikenet/gizmo/ and someother strange one in the beginning...sillymud!!!!!!; it went down perminantly, so i moved to strikenet'

Question: 'What are your MUD goals for the future?'

Answer: 'Not sure, just hanging out basically...going solo...'

Question: 'What was the greatest act of kindness you recieved on the MUD?'

Answer: 'Um, somone gave me two old katanas...let me think on his name..guy from chicago...starts with an old char, part of AID... Strava!

Question: 'What are your most and least favorite things about Ronin?'

Answer: 'People favorite - no actions rule is least favorite...kinda why I went solo'

Question: 'What was your most memorable moment on Ronin?'

Answer: 'Pumax pkilling bonds in market square and stealing his katanas and Wiz(aquaris) coming on and pkilling all his chars and getting my katanas back :).. had nokill on and was afk....he was like level 19 and I was 30, was hilarious; almost sh*t my pants at the time'

Question: 'What would you like to be remembered for after you retire from the MUD?'

Answer: 'Thing was so damn smooth he couldn't keep his trousers on!'

Clan Houses

Well, as many of you have heard, clan houses are ready! So far we have had two houses installed, one shared by Diabolik and Doobies, and the other by some paladin who wishes to remain anonymous at this time, with many more ordered. At first, people were outraged about the steep pricing, and threatened to strike lest something be done about it. Being the nice and kind, and always generous people that we are, the prices were lowered. But wait, only 3 low monthly installments of $29.95 you say? Well, lets go even lower:

A starter set, the building block to every clan house. This basic package is the base of your house, which includes two rooms, a board for clan members only, and some misc. junk, blah blah (restrictions apply, limited time over only * ** ***) - Your cost, 100 million coins.

A receptionist, the gem in every clan's house. Sick and tired of coming into the game in a spammy receptionist, well, get one of your own. Yes, you and your clan members can enjoy the wonderful benefits of their own private rooms to slumber in. - Your cost, 75 million coins.

A vault guard! Wow! I bet there are times when you would just like to sit and go through your vault, but then come all the inconsiderate people scrolling the contents off your screen. No more I say! With your own vault guard, you will have access to all of the standard vault commands, but in the privacy of your own house. Woohoo. - Your cost, 75 million coins.

Two rooms ain't enough ya say? Well, I say: Lets add more! Make a room for every member, guest rooms, hell, even a room for the mother-in-law (I suggest the death trap flag for this one, just watch where you're going) Is there a limit on how many rooms you can have? Well, um, beats me. Give me a number, I'll let ya know. - Your cost, 20 million coins per room.

Club flags, everyone loves a club flag. You ask, what the hell is a club flag? Well, they are those nifty little things that makes our lovely resting rooms what they are. You got it, increased regeneration! Taken from the base club of your choice, you will either get super enhanced Hp or Mana bonuses every tick that goes by. Put one in your vault room, put one in your boardroom, Yea, put one in every room! - Your cost, 50 million coins.

A Metaphysician. Wow. Everyone needs one of these! Think about it, you can finally meta with no one else around! Get low metas, 2's, 3's, well, now you can lie about them! Tell everyone you got a 7, 8, even a 12, who's to say different, no one else was there! - Your cost, 50 million coins.

Last, but not least, at least I hope not, a shopkeeper. This sucker is a real convenience. You can finally shop from home, the dream of the computer age! And, even more, you don't have to worry about credit card fraud. Because of the way the trade guilds are set up, the in-house sales people are limited to selling the wares of good ole downtown Midgaard. but hey, have a strange, unusual, and non-potion related sales request? Well, ask me, who knows. *flash bulletin* Good news! We've finally made a deal with those little people to the west, and are now carrying pipeweed breads. Yahoo! - Your cost, 50 million coins.

Well, now that you know what you can get, and how much its gonna cost, I bet you're still not satisfied (damn you're greedy). Well, being the nice guy that I am, I'm gonna make you some even better deals:

The Friendly Cottage, small, cozy, relaxing, all around homey. This sucker comes to you with not only two rooms, but a club flag as well. Your cost, 135 million coins.

The Humble Abode, a nice house, good to kick back and relax in. This one will give you three rooms, a club flag, and a vault! Your cost, 225 million coins.

The Clan Castle, planning to go to war? Need a place to hang out while under siege? (no relation to the movie, no copyright infringement intended or implied) Well then, get yourself one of these babies with four rooms, a club flag, a vault, and a receptionist. Your cost, 285 million coins.

And finally, the Clan Hotel, lotsa rooms, rent em out! Make a fortune! This, along with our friendly course in hotel management, will set you on your way to being set for life. Who needs Bill Gates, you can be the worlds next Hotel baron. This baby gives you six rooms, a club flag, a vault, a receptionist, and someone to mind the lobby's gift shop. Your cost, 310 million coins.

Now for the small print:
Yes, unfortunately, there will be a monthly rent charge. But worry not, its next to nothing! The biggest houses out there only have to pay 5 million a month, small price for the cool bragging rights you get! The location... really a case by case scenario, get with me, we'll work something out.

And the really small print:
The admin. hold the right to change anything at anytime. We are not responsible for typos in this letter, nor anything else for that matter. And lastly, please do not duplicate this article without the written permission of the broadcasters.

(good lord, Tan writes too much)
Have a nice day! B^)

Sub-Class Teasers

Well even though we've fallen hopelessly behind on the project formerly called ranks, we are still plugging away at it. I can't give anyone a date these things will arrive since this is a large and complicated project.

So, anyway the short of the story is, we've totally thrown ranks out. Instead, each class will specialize into one of three sub-classes. The names and some brief notes of these sub-classes follow. You'll notice a few are still sketchy so if you want to add your opinion, use the idea board.

Enchanter- oriented more towards defensive/non destructive type spells
Geomancer- more of the warrior mage kind of subclass
Archmage- will prolly be heavily oriented towards what the other 2 don't cover

Ranger- the highest 'ranks' of this class might get a couple minor spells
Barbarian- strongly offensively oriented
(name undecided)- will probably be oriented towards using mounts

Rogue- will be the offensively oriented subclass
Bandit- unknown
Stalker- more oriented towards stealth

Thug- Ap offensive class
Defiler- Will be more oriented towards the use of vile magic
Dread Knight(?)- similar in a way to Defiler, except different offensive spells

Chanter- improved healing spell, will be mostly magic/song oriented
Bladesinger- bard offensive class
Jester(?)- maybe just straight dex based skills, minor ac bonuses,

Cavalier- some of the skills may only take place while riding
Crusader- 'holy knight' type class, will have mostly spell upgrades,
Samurai- strong offensively based

Legionnaire- more oriented towards solos/Co tanks, offensive spells
Mercenary- unknown
Skirmisher- defensive spells/offensive skills

Kensai- offensive skill based
Mystic- some type of martial arts type skills for one, and spells for the other Warrior:
Warlord- nothing really defined on these, we just need to divide up all the skills into some semblance of order :P

Druid- better healing/curative powers as well as a meditate skill
Templar- mostly defensive/protective spells
Shaman- this one's the warrior cleric class

Well, thats all for this edition folks. Hope you enjoyed what we've offered. I'd like to thank Tan, Ranger, and Nosferatu for making this edition possible. If you would like to see one of your articles in a future edition of the RoninMUD newsletter, please feel free to contact me.

Editor and Chief