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Think Violence. Ronin MUD.


Fighting World.

IP: (port 5000).

Ronin is ONLINE!

Set your aliases to 5000 or 5000


HACK?! SLASH?!?! Of course, we're DIKU! While at lower levels we're a "run of the mill DIKU", we have some beautifully crafted areas with plenty of puzzles and intrigue that are available to the more powerful characters. Other features include:

  • 10 Classes -- plenty to offer for any player style.
  • 5 Subclass Levels -- 2 different and distinct paths to choose for each class.
  • Autoquests -- the more you learn about the mud, the more points you get, to trade for enhanced stats or faster subclassing.
  • ANSI color, fully customizable and user realizable
  • Good balance between what's available to tintin-style multi groups and what's available to solo players.
  • Perhaps not innovative, but at least more powerful engine than the original Gamma DIKU, allowing for more complex control underneath the hood (i.e. providing those higher level intrigues and puzzles). Sure gamma does this, but Ronin's is cleaner.
  • Active player base, usually 30-40 players on during peak hours.
  • Online editing for those who like to build. Fully tested, debugged, and ROBUST!
  • For those who enjoy change and get tired of a stagnant MUD, Ronin offers week-to-week change -- we're in a state of flux, as any MUD that claims to be worth a player's time should be. A current project is to create a picture-perfect world where moving from realm-to-realm does not entail going 30 west and winding up 12 east of where you started. (Online editing and zone-by-zone reboot comes in handy for this.) A by-product of this project is that Ronin now has barely any plug-in areas, and will soon be completely original -- and we're *not* a small MUD, by any means.

Come take a look!