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RoninMUD Newsletter #2

Well boys and girls, here we are with another exciting edition of the Ronin Newsletter. Inside you will find helpful hints, tips, comentaries, and a brand new coloum called "Player Profiles" that promises to be very enlightning.

We hope you enjoy!!!
Prytan, Editor and Chief

Mounts Exposed, by Ranger

Mounts are one of the most under-utilized features of RoninMUD. Mounts will follow you, allow you to ride them, follow almost all orders, and be willing to assist you in any battle.

First of all, the Midgaard Stables are located two west and one south of Common Square. In this small building you will find three main types of mounts. Each type has its own quirks and benefits. The level of each mount indicates the level of the person the mount will allow to ride. The level will also determine the amount of experience the mount will take during a kill. More on this later, first here are the mounts.

- The Saintly Land Mounts
Found on the main floor, these creatures will be happy to carry any non- evil master. They have a decent strength and can carry heavy to unlimited burdens. As expected the more expensive mounts hit harder and the large ones even have special skills. These mounts follow:

3000 Lvl 5 a mule
6000 Lvl 11 a riding horse
12000 Lvl 17 a heavy war-horse
30000 Lvl 23 a camel
60000 Lvl 29 a large elephant

- The Evil Land Mounts
These are found in the basement of the Stables and they will be happy to carry any non-saintly master. They also have a decent strength and can carry heavy to unlimited burdens. Again the more expensive mounts hit harder and the large ones have specials skills. The mounts follow:

Cost: 6000 Lvl 5 a large racing snail
12000 Lvl 5 a giant scorpion
24000 Lvl 11 a giant tarantula
30000 Lvl 23 a huge Bull-Lizard
60000 Lvl 29 a flesh golem

- The Neutral Flyers
The flyers are specially bred to soar through the air. As a result they find it difficult to fly in enclosed spaces and will refuse to fly in rough weather. However, their neutral tendencies allow them to carry all alignments. This helps make up for their inability to carry extremely heavy burdens. The more expensive flyers tend to hit harder and the larger ones have special skills. Flyers are expected to become an important tool in the exploration of the world. Adventures have gone far, wide, deep into the earth, and now have their hearts set on the sky. The flyers follow:

6000 Lvl 5 a giant bat
12000 Lvl 11 a noble griffin
24000 Lvl 17 a giant eagle
36000 Lvl 23 a large wyvern
60000 Lvl 29 A small dragon

What does this all mean in the long run. Well first of all while riding a mount that has its saddle and bridle, your move loss is only 1 in any terrain. You have a helpful companion that helps you kill mobs faster, which should result in an easier way to gain experience, gold and equipment.

This does come at a cost. Besides the initial purchase, mounts get a share of the experience of a kill. The experience they gain is based both upon the mount level and the level of the rider. People that are under level 26 will find that their mounts take much less experience, and people under level 16 will find that their mounts take no experience at all. As well, when a mount strikes the killing blow, you still get your share of the experience. While cruel, when you're finished with your mount you can always kill it to regain some of the experience it took.

For more information on the Midgaard Stables and useful commands to use them, please consult the online help of RIDE DISMOUNT FREE STABLES.

Ranger - July 17, 1997

Babin's Thoughts on Mounts

There have been many arguments over mounts. Should they be fed? Should they have a special attack? What would increase their usage?

I thought of a way to increase their usage. I think one promoting factor would be having a special attack. Horses would kick, dragons would breath fire, golems would punch (maybe?), etc. I think another promoting factor would to make them more like items. Their cost would increase A LOT, and they would become commodities like club memberships. You buy them, you name them, and you OWN THEM PERMANENTLY. However, they would have a 'rent' which would be fairly high, and it represents the cost to feed them/support them in your absence. However, you wouldn't have to feed/support your mounts while you are on the mud! Also, the mounts would be alignment AND level keyed, and if you weren't the right level you not only can't ride it but you can't command them. The same goes with the alignment, and if you buy an evil mount and become good/neutral, you can no longer order your mount about until you fix your alignment. You could also not have more then one mount at a time.

This would mean you would effectively buy a mount until either the mount dies or you buy a new mount. It would be *YOUR* mount. You'd name it, rent it, and live with it. The cost would be a lot higher. For example, a dragon mount would cost *AT LEAST* 500k, with a rent of *AT LEAST* 25k. The mount would always be around to help you. And, as a Random brainstorm, you could even have mounts more powerful OR gain levels. However, they would not suck on your xp whatsoever. They would merely earn the exact same amount of xp as you, if the level gaining system is chosen. I guess all this is a choice for the gods, but I believe in it and anybody else who likes it should (I guess) tell the gods so.

Thanx for listening,



I think that we have one small problem with Ronin. We have to Rent and renting can cost some major money. I am not complaining, but What if we have a really rare piece of equipment and can't rent it because we don't have enough money. What would we do? What do we do if we run out of money and can't get on to get more?

But, renting is one thing that makes Ronin, Ronin. I have played allot of muds and haven't ever found one that u had to rent. I think that renting makes Ronin special mud.

So, I think that we should talk about maybe lowering the prices of rented stuff and maybe work it out.


The Receptionist Lament

Oh mortals, how sad it is when I must take your equipment to cover your costs.

How unfortunate you do not take the time to check your storage fees before I must put you in your chamber.

How sorry I feel when you don't take advantage of the banker safeguards. Just a small deposit of one and a half days rent into the bank and you would never lose your equipment to me.

What you say? It won't happen to you? Alas that's what many an unfortunate adventure has thought, and due to unforeseen occurrences have lost it all.

Imagine dying, having a fellow adventure recover your equipment, return it to you but forget the gold. Sadly I know this has happened.

Imagine again another player mistakenly taking the gold from your corpse without your notice or theirs. Sadly this has happened too.

I find it hard to sleep at night, knowing all the pain I've caused, but I must follow the guidelines set out by my rulers. So please spare me grief, use the bank backup and tell all your friends about it.

The Receptionist Goddess

Mudding at school

To MUD from school gives you a lot of problems and I want to tell you all about the problems I came over mudding at school. I go to a University kinda school and using the computers for playing is not allowed, not even text based. This is a fact that all students know about but not all do as told (I am one of em).

The main problem is the loss of teaching time. You never learn Anything when you never attend any classes. This has led to me having to go half a year extra to catch up again. That's loss of working time, earning money.

A second problem is that you need that Unix account to have your tintin on, of course not all schools use Unixs but mine does, and if you get caught mudding then they close the account. An account that I need in my schoolwork. To avoid being caught I usually sit on a PC and telnet to the Unix account and run tintin from there. Not to long ago the administrators at the LAN closed the Unixs for accepting telnet cause of hacking. That was a hard time cause I had to sit on a Unix to use tintin and that made it way more risky. But they opened ONE machine again and it works, even though that one Unix may get a bit loaded with processes.

A third problem is the other students that don't mud. If they have Something that need being done and they need a PC for it, well then they demand our machine, which they have the right to do. Sucks though when you want to go just one more round at Black worms to get that last meta while the lag is gone and this stupid asshole demands my machine.

Another problem is the time. You can't mud when school is closed, and that's when most people are on. I am Norwegian and its night in the states when its my daytime. That has very often meant that I can't attend to quests, chaos nights and so on. But this is my problem. Others might be so lucky to have a school that's all open or atleast open during Ronin peak hours.

The last problem are related to the first problem, but doesn't concern school. It is the loss of time to be with your friends and family. To mud isn't much social in real life that's for sure.

Well these are my mudding problems, from school, and I think that many of them are typical problems for real mudders.

At the end I just wanna say: IT IS WORTH IT!

Elias Dugan, Rist at Ronin.

Player Profiles
By: Nosferatu

This Issues Player: Sumo a.k.a. Gaijin, Calimar, Wulf

Question: 'How and When did you start mudding at Ronin?'

Answer: 'Damn near 3 years ago, found it on a mudlist'

Question: 'What kept you here after you started?'

Answer: 'Was challenging, nice people, etc etc'

Question: 'Out of the huge list of muds why did you chose Ronin to try out?

Answer: 'Actually I figured it'd have a samurai type theme by the name :P'

Question: 'Was this your first mud? And if not where else have you played?'

Answer: 'Yes and nowhere(very seriously at least)'

Question: 'What was your gimpiest newbie moment?'

Answer: 'One of about a dozen DT's before lvl 12; dting in Thalos after dting once already and being told I had hit the only one there'

Question: 'What is your proudest mud accomplishment?'

Answer: 'Having that stinky area installed'

Question: 'What are your mud plans for the future?'

Answer: 'Make more stinky areas and kill more morts with my specs'

Question: 'What was the greatest act of kindness you have received on Ronin?'

Answer: 'Prolly when people would drag me around as a newbie teaching me; not just exp. whoring but teaching me stuff about the mud; people like Toyo, Athena, Unclejim, and Lag'

Question: 'What would you like to be remembered for after you retire?'

Answer: 'Hopefully fer all the cool areas I made :P'

Question: 'What was your most memorable moment on Ronin?'

Answer: 'Prolly Dt'ing then coming in 3rd place in Zyca Wars in about the span of an hour'

Question: 'What are a few of your favorite and least favorite things about the mud?'

Answer:'Most fave= overall challenge compared to other muds; dunno bout least'

I'll be doing a small interview each issue hopefully, and I will try to talk to a variety of different types of players.

Well, thats all for this fun-filled, action-packed, uncommonly great edition of the Ronin Newsletter. I hope you all enjoyed what you read and I hope you caught all the little secrets that were hidden inside. Special thanks goes out to all those who spent their time and brain cells to write these wonderful articles.

Till we meet again:

Prytan, Editor and Chief