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Newbie IMP
by Ranger
Posted: Oct 27, 2000

IMP's use to be newbies too.

Yes its true! Even the most seasoned god was once a newbie struggling along with confusing commands, terrible gear and of course an addiction to mudding that rivals anything.

I remember my first time mudding on a mud called Imperial. That's actually where Ronin came from after a mud split back in the early 90s. Imperial was located in Finland on a machine called supergirl in the computer science department of some university. We use to only be allowed to mud during non-school hours because the computer administration there didn't want the machine tied up. Imagine if Ronin was down from 7 am EST to 5 pm EST ? well that's what we had to deal with.

Back then I started with a solo Paladin ? actually the same character I use now. I use to group with others to go to gremlins (now called griffons) and a trip to Thalos (currently disconnected) was a major adventure for even a large group of us. Of course there were the power players with 500-600 hp tanks. They'd do Queen Ant and miracle every round. Once I got a little larger, I use to get experience from Treemen and from any group that would take pity on a poor solo newbie. I remember grouping with the major clan there called the Bigheads, they use to clear the major mobs from elemental canyon each zone reset and other popular experience mobs for them were Neptune, trees walking on giant roots and The Old Lady (Similar to cook in edricks castle I think). They'd continuously miracle these mobs and soak up just hit experience.

I even remember my proudest moment there. In those days if you wanted directions to an area you were encouraged to figure them out for yourself. I badly wanted some onyx rings and flaming bracelets and I was offered help IF is could figure out the directions. The Abyss was connected differently in those days, there was a Blackpool maze to get through and then a path through the Chaos Kingdom and then you still had to figure out the path across the ocean of despair. It took time and even a few deaths, but I managed. Much more fun than a speedwalk gossip.

Eventually, I immortaled my character and started a multi of a Cleric, Paladin and Commando. I never did much with them and instead devoted most of my time to immortal stuff. When the split occurred at Imperial I was still a lowly Immortal and I followed many of the players to Ronin. I had yet to move up the ranks in the new administration, but that's a story for another time.

Ranger is an Implementor on ronin.